This is what inspires me

My ancestors are my heroes.  They came to America in chains. If the difficulties they endured cannot inspire black youth to achieve, what will be the catalyst?

Despite a black president, blacks have many obstacles. Education and vigilance are essential for blacks to continue to overcome barriers. Racism cannot be an excuse! Poverty cannot be an excuse!  Those who persevere will ultimately succeed. The limited number of blacks in positions of power in corporate American and the few black small business owners has a direct impact on the staggering number of black college graduates who are unemployed, and hurts blacks without a college education even more.

It’s always been clear to me that the successful, the educated, and the wealthy value education. It is unacceptable in 2009, that so many youth do not value education. Despite the difficulties blacks face in corporate America, as entrepreneurs, and otherwise, education has always been and will remain a key to success and breaking down barriers. Education will help blacks get into positions of power where we can help others of all races.

On the Shoulders of the Souls of My Heroes

I stand on the shoulders of the souls of the tens of millions of Africans who never had the opportunity to educate themselves.  It is because of the great Africans, many whose names are not known, and individual stories may never be told, that I strive to achieve despite the obstacles in my path. The deaths of my heroes from the middle passage bound in chains, through centuries of hardship, would be in vain if I did not constantly educate myself, strive to achieve, help others, and make the world a better place.“

-Gregory Holland Collier


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