NFL: Eliminate the Rooney Rule!

The NFL has a rule called “The Rooney Rule,” which requires all NFL teams to interview at least 1 Black candidate for any open head coaching or general manager position. While I applaud the NFL’s efforts to embrace diversity, it makes no sense to interview people who do not realistically have an opportunity to get the job. The NFL should save its charity for the United Way, as the Seattle Seahawks just made a mockery of the rule by declaring they would hire University of Southern California coach Pete Carroll, not seriously considering a Black candidate.  Yes, Seattle interviewed a Black candidate, all while courting Pete Carroll, and negotiating a bundle of guaranteed money to entice Carroll to leave his post at  USC. Though Carroll has not yet been “officially” hired, according to media reports, it’s just a formality.

Carroll is a great coach, if I owned a team, I might want him as my coach, but to interview a Black candidate who doesn’t realistically have a shot at getting the job is just a slap in the face.  Such nonsense reminds me of how some managers at one of my former employers would determine who they were going to hire, before ever posting a open job requisition with human resources.  Thereafter they would interview candidates they knew they would never hire, tell them “thanks for your interest,” and officially hire their friend or former co-worker.

NFL, eliminate the Rooney Rule!


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