President Obama, the Antithesis of Arrogance

Yesterday I met President Barack Obama prior to his speech at a luncheon in Coral Gables, Florida.  What was extra special is I was able to bring my five year old son, Bradley – his second time meeting the President.  What amazes me most about President Obama is his genuine lack of ego – the antithesis of arrogance. Despite handling the most difficult job in the world, among a frenzy of people trying to shake hands and take photographs, he took the time to take a personal photo with my son, creating a cherished memory for my lineage.

I’ve been active in politics for decades, but in the midst of the global financial crisis, I became much more active. The future of America requires leadership and participation by people committed to doing the right thing. I can’t compare my level of service to some, but I have to do my part. Much of my attitude is inspired by President Obama.

Over the years I’ve met many business leaders and politicians. A few traits stand out among many: selfishness and arrogance. However, in President Obama I see a lack of  selfishness, combined with pride and a passion to do the right thing – helping all of us win, not one of us win at the expense of others.


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