Educate yourself on Finance!

Everyone should study finance. Quite possibly, it is the most important thing people should learn and teach their children, especially behavioral finance, that is, how emotional factors can impact financial decisions. If more people actually understood finance, I doubt there would have been a global financial crisis.

When I moved into a technology role on Wall Street, many of my coworkers laughed at me because I have a MBA in Finance. Little did most of them understand that many of the senior most technology managers on Wall Street hold MBAs, including the global head of IT at the company where I worked at the time. Now many of my former coworkers question why they didn’t continue to educate themselves (especially in finance).

I didn’t get a MBA to get a higher paying job in corporate America, though higher compensation did come. I did it because I wanted to acquire the same level of formal education many CEOs of the world’s leading companies have. This would not guarantee I rise to the level of CEO, but it would ensure I possessed additional tools with which to capitalize on opportunities.

I also chose to study finance because I sincerely believe the more one knows about finance, the better their life will be. As an example, having started my career in fixed income, I’ve become knowledgeable on the subject. This helps me to structure scenarios whereby individuals can use their money to make money, and based on their level of risk aversion. To structure a bond purchase that allows the accrued interest received to pay all or part of one’s living expenses is a win-win situation. This is a strategy often used by the rich and powerful — those who most often have educated themselves on finance.

Take time to study finance and control your destiny.


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  1. Interesting post, you did great.

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